New study suggests COVID-19 vaccination might support response to immunotherapy against Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Dr Jian Li from IMMEI and his collaborators from Shanxi Bethune Hospital in China published their observation that COVID-19 vaccination might enhance the efficacy of a concomitant anti-PD-1 therapy and chemotherapy in Annals of Oncology.

In their study they investigated possible adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccination on anti-PD-1 treatment in patients with nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC). They observed that the efficacy of combination of anti-PD-1 treatment and chemotherapy was improved in patients vaccinated with SinoVac compared to a non-vaccinated control group. Future studies to validated this finding in a larger cohort and to elucidate a possible underlying mechanism are now needed.

Potentially Improved Response of COVID-19 Vaccinated Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patients to Combination Therapy with Anti-PD-1 Blockade and Chemotherapy

Hua YJ, Liu YL, Wen K, Kurts C, Wu H, Mei Q, Li J. Ann. Oncol. 2022