We are proud to contribute to the education of future scientists.

In the B.Sc. Molecular Biomedicine, which is co-organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine, we offer an elective module focusing on assays to quantify T cell function: from activation of dendritic cells and antigen presentation to priming of T cells, proliferation and acquisition of effector functions.

In the Master’s programs “Immunosciences and Infection” at the Medical Faculty and “Immunobiology – from molecules to integrative systems” at the LIMES Institute of the University of Bonn our teaching focuses on adaptive immunology, in particular on conventional and unconventional T cells, innate functions of T cells, T cell tolerance, immunometabolism, regulation of immune responses by stromal cells and chronic inflammation.

All courses are research oriented and we are always looking for talented and motivated students who want to do a lab rotation or their BSc or MSc theses at our institute. If you are interested in doing your lab rotation or thesis with us, please contact the group leader you would like to work with and describe your research interests.