Third edition of Flow Cytometry Guidelines – with contributions by researchers from IMMEI

Interested in multiplexed in vivo CD8 T cell cytotoxicity?

The third edition of Flow Cytometry Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies published in the European Journal of Immunology provides the key aspects to consider when performing flow cytometry experiments. It includes sections describing phenotypes and functional assays of all major human and murine immune cell subsets and covers the analysis of clinical samples in the context of various diseases.
From our institute Nina Kessler, Maria Belen Rodrigo, Natalio Garbi and members of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF) contributed sections to the guidelines.

Cossarizza, A.; [..] Garbi, N.; [..] Kessler, N.; Rodrigo, M.B.; [..] Guidelines for the Use of Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting in Immunological Studies (Third Edition). Eur. J. Immunol. 2021, eji.202170126