Publication of Prof. Abdullahs group awarded by "Deutsche Leberstiftung"

Every year, the German Liver Foundation awards a publication prize to a groundbreaking paper. In 2024, the "German Liver Foundation Prize" will be awarded to a publication that deals with a mechanism that impairs immune responses in patients with chronic liver disease.

After reviewing and discussing the submitted papers, the committee unanimously decided to award the prize to the paper "Interferon-induced IL-10 drives systemic T-cell dysfunction during chronic liver injury", published in the Journal of Hepatology, July 2023. The prize money totaling 7,500.00 euros, which was provided by Gilead Sciences GmbH, a partner of the German Liver Foundation, was awarded to the two equal first authors of the publication, Dr. Carl-Philipp Hackstein (Technical University of Munich) and Dr. Jasper Spitzer (University Hospital Bonn).

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