Second Funding Period of TRR237 “Nucleic Acid Immunity” Approved

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has extended its funding for the collaborative research center TRR237 “Nucleic Acid Immunity”.

Within the collaborative research network, scientists from the University of Bonn, LMU Munich and TU Dresden investigate molecular mechanisms involved in the defense against nucleic acids.
From our institute Prof Zeinab Abdullah, Prof Natalio Garbi and Prof Christian Kurts are part of the TRR237. The groups of Zeinab Abdullah and Christian Kurts perform research on the project “Sensing of nucleic acids in the pathophysiology of glomerulonephritis associated with chronic viral infection.” The team of Natalio Garbi investigates “Sex hormones in STING-mediated nucleic acid recognition”.
For more details visit the TRR237 website.